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My name is Issabel Gallardo and I am a professional of Mobile Marketing and Advertising Online.

With a vast knowledge of the online and mobile industry across the world, I have been working for more than 6 years in different locations of Europe and in different roles what makes me a professional with resilience to the changes, empathetic, hard worker focus on the goals of the company and really enthusiastic about new challenges.

I am always willing to improve, this is one of my best skills and the main reason why I am always doing my best to get the best results and make things better everyday. I love to be friends of my friends and, of course, partner of my partners. What I can say about myself: outgoing, self-confident, hard worker and a positive person. I believe strongly in teamwork and that's the reason why I am always encouraging to do it and the main reason why I accepted my last challenge: becoming the New Business & International Sales Manager - Operation Manager of Linkadia and pass from managing a small team as a Head to hold and take care of a whole company formally based with 28 employees.

In my spare time, I admit that I am a social media maniac who loves to stay up to date so I am addicted to Google News, Google Trends and all the international newspapers where the alert of the latest news are always chiming in my mobile phone. However, I can also confess that I have a penchant for high heels and own tons of them and that I can’t skip a day without checking the Instagram trends.

My slogan: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Skills & abilities
Online Marketing Planning
Team Leader
Business Development
2005 - 2009
Journalism Degree
University of Málaga
2010 - 2011
Public Relations & Image Management Degree
University of Vic
2010 - 2012
Advertisement & PR Degree
University of Málaga
Jobs & Experience
11.2017 - Present
New Business & International Sales Manager - Operation Manager
Linkadia Media S.L.
12.2016 - 08.2017
Associated Director Partner Development
Monetizer GmbH
05.2016 - 12.2016
Publisher Manager, Fraud Analyst & Dedicated Media Buyer
Ströer Mobile Performance GmbH
06.2015 - 05.2016
Head of Lead and Mobile Content Department
Spyke Media GmbH
09.2013 - 06.2015
Online Campaign Manager
Basebone S.L.
08.2012 - 09.2013
Account Director & Community Manager
Hobbies & Interests


Fitness & Health


Live Music & Festivals


Stitch & Adrenaline


Dogs & Family
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Online Marketing Campaigns
Get to know the possibilities of your online marketing campaigns and how to develop an effective strategy.
Google & Facebook Ads
My certification in the area will help you to maximise your budgets and get the most accurate results.

Consultancy & Advice

If you don’t know how to make the first bite on your online strategy, just request an appointment with me and we can start together a plan. Details & Pricing.


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Some of my experience

New Business & International Sales Manager - Operation Manager

Linkadia media S.L.

As the New Business & International Sales Manager - Operation Manager of Linkadia, I have been leading different teams and work groups to reach their goals, maximising their time and effort and encouraging them to feel as an important part of the team.

Linkadia is a global Advertising Agency and Mobile Affiliate Network founded by professionals with over 14 years of experience in the digital advertising industry. In Linkadia we are experts in user acquisition and mobile traffic monetization that works with Agencies, AdNetworks, Media Buyers, Webmasters and App Developers to help them reach their digital goals.

Besides, Linkadia is the proprietary of several in-house technological solutions and a team with a passion for everything performance and digital advertising. We operate in more than 80 markets in Europe, LATAM and Asia offering a top-quality service.

Associated Director Partner Development

Monetizer GmbH

As Associate Director Partner Development, I was developing the growing activity levels for either Monetizer’s global advertisers or for its global publishers. Besides, consultative account management was a critical part of my position in Monetizer vision for growth next to its core product and "vAuto®" Algorithm.

Between my main tasks, it was the development and revenue growth of multiple key partners (advertisers or publishers) portfolio through proactive campaign monitoring and increased client engagement as well as developing new partners after sales handover, further improving their revenues through rigorous focus on eCPM improvements and multiple Geos, always taking into account the necessities of our partners, making a constantly researching and deepening knowledge on ‘winning’ online offers, and translating these insights into actionable partner improvements.

Working constantly with the Business Development Team and the IT Services of the company, my position as Associated Director Partner Development included the managing of a small team that provided operational and tactical guidance to their members.

Publisher Manager, Fraud Analyst & Dedicated Media Buyer

Ströer Mobile Performance GmbH

Ströer Mobile Performance is a Cologne-based mobile performance marketing network offering customized technical solutions to start and fine-tune all high performance campaigns on mobile.

For advertisers, Ströer Mobile Performance provides a vast network of mobile publishers in Germany and any important market around the world. Based on high-quality targeting and personal consultation through our account managers, Ströer Mobile Performance offers the best way to promote mobile products in a fitting environment. For publishers, Ströer Mobile Performance offers great ways to capitalize on their mobile traffic by attracting well-known advertisers and their great mobile products to use the through Ströer Mobile Performance contended advertising space.

In Ströer Mobile Performance I did not only develop my role as a Publisher Manager supported by a huge and great team, but I created a Dedicated Media Department with a vast experience team within I could not develop the new media buying strategies in Google, AppNexus or MediaMath. On the other hand, during the time I worked in Ströer Mobile Performance, I lead the antifraud team which ended up with a full stuck solution for the company.

Head of Lead and Mobile Content Department

Spyke Media GmbH

As Mobile Marketing Manager in Spyke Media GmbH, I was the driving force of the CPA Department in the company what meant that I was not only doing affiliate and publisher managing and marketing, but buying traffic from the top traffic sources. Besides, I can admit that 50% of my time was dedicated to Business Development as my main target was improving and making bigger the Spyke's CPA Department.

On the other hand, as I hold a degree in Journalism as well as another one in Advertisement and Public Relations, I developed the Social Media Strategy for the whole company from zero and, furthermore, direct marketing actions were inside of my tasks so I was at charge of event organizations, fair trade advertisement world wide or branding management.

Online Campaign Manager

Basebone S.L.

Basebone S.L. is one of the biggest players in South Africa market, one of the most emergent ones at the moment regarding of Mobile Marketing so I can be proud of being first got into the mobile marketing industry working for one of the biggest South African mobile content advertisers.

In Basebone not only learnt what mobile content offers mean to the Mobile Market itself, but I learnt to become an expert in this kind of offers creating synergies with my partners in order to reach not only the best conversions rates but the best eCPC in a win-to-win joint venture.

Due to my personal skills with our partners, Basebone decided to promote me and give me the responsibility of being at charge of all the Business Relationship Building inside of the company, a job that I really enjoyed and that made my daily job really excited and different.

What can I do for you?

Big Data Analysis

Learn how to maximise the data from your online campaigns.

Ads in Local

Launch a new Advertising Campaign for your Business.

Advice & Management

Your online business can always increase. Make a boost

Apps to Launch

Monetise your app with the best results and KPIs accomplished.

Look what my teammates think about me…

Issabel was one of the first employees I hired at Monetizer - as I was looking for a key person for a fairly unstructured start-up with massive global ambitions. This profile would ideally match the following conditions given Monetizer's strategic focus at the time: business developer and self-starter; performance expert on CPA/CPI; working experience both as a direct advertiser, ánd within an international agency; strong product knowledge both on persuasion flows and -tactics (from creatives/copy to splash pages) ánd on the actual back-end flows i.e. mobile content opt-in flows, a strong 3rd party relationship builder, and last but not least - a natural team player with a strong focus on people-support and -capability improvements. Issabel delivered on all aspects with flair, determination and grace.

To me the outstanding attributes about Issa are her transparency, her hard working nature, and her natural inclination to help educate both internal and external stakeholders. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a online business developer profile, within a mid-sized internationally focused and high-change company.

Timo Richardson
Growth Marketing | Accelerator & Former Managing Director at Monetizer

I´ve worked closely with Issa over the past year showed excellent business skills and ability to work well under pressure. Issa has a deep understanding of digital market trends - included tech environment- and instincts for identifying new business opportunities. 

On a personal level, she is charismatic and well-spoken, both qualities that have served her well in her role as New Business & International Sales Manager - Operation Manager in my company...and always ready to lend a helping hand to her teammates and contribute towards finding business and tech solutions.

But beyond all this, I really would emphasize that she is an amazing person...so is very hard to find profiles like her, that’s for sure.

Daniel Santamaría
Digital Entrepreneur & CEO of Linkadia

I had the pleasure to work with Issabel when we were working at Linkadia.

She is an awesome professional and a hard-working person. Thanks to her values, proactivity and skills, she built a positive work environment between her team. 

I highly recommend to work with her, Any employee would be lucky to have Issa as a manager.

Sofía Jara
Key Account Manager at Linkadia Media S.L.

I have had the pleasure of working with Issabel since I started in Monetizer collaborating on several projects, and also she gives me the best training I could have. Issabel’s ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. She is a reliable, ambitious and methodical professional, and would be such a great asset to any team.

As a team member or a leader, Issabel earns my highest recommendation.

Erika De La Rosa
Development at Trivago

Not only does Issabel have her finger on the pulse when it comes to industry knowledge but she is by definition a fantastic leader, always striving to excel her team. Her positive attitude is infectious - a pleasure to work with.

Julia Roach
Art Director / Graphic Designer (Print Digital & Social) at OnlineDialog GmbH

During her time at SMP I had the pleasure of working with Issa in team. Her extensive knowledge of the mobile industry made her a key player within a short period of time and allowed to connect to both the supply and demand side.

Her intrinsic drive, her positive attitude to new things and her ability to find the need of the client were directly translated into results. And helped everyone to grow in numbers and as a team. Besides that her energetic and positive aura bonded with everyone in the company and help her to build long-lasting relationships. 

Issas hands-on mentality is making her an asset to any team!

Menso de Buhr
Head of Project Management at Ströer Mobile Performance GmbH

I worked with Issabel first in different Teams while at Ströer Mobile Performance, and while we moved to different companies we were still in contact since working with Issabel is a pleasure.

Issabel is always looking for solution with a very positive attitude and he never gives up on any projects. 

Her knowledge and experience on the campaign delivery/innovation/products role are immense - She can definitely be a key element for any digital of fast growing company. 

I hope to be able to work with her for many more years!

Simone Grau
Performance Marketing Director at MediaLabel GmbH
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